Checklist Bed Manager

With Checklist Bed Manager hospital managers and clinicians have, for the first time, a way of modelling bed requirements that genuinely reflects what actually happens in a hospital. The software uses the continual fluctuations in the number and casemix of patients arriving at a hospital to model the number of beds that are needed and to show how it varies, so as to show how many beds it needs. The outputs from the model provide managers and clinicians with a picture of what is happening now or what would happen in the future under different scenarios.

Bed Manager uses sophisticated simulation techniques combined with statistics to produce its results. However, the data requirements are modest because it uses standard activity data from the PAS together with ward data, so it is simple to set up and use. It is designed so you can set up alternative bed, demand and performance scenarios that reflect changes that you want or expect.

Using Bed Manager you will be able to see what will happen if beds are opened, closed, or ring-fenced, if demand goes up or down, or if it becomes possible to discharge patients sooner. With this information you will be able to ensure you have enough beds, but not too many, at different times and that you allocate them between specialties and bed groups in the best possible way.