Checklist Libra

Checklist RTT Planner (Libra) supports clinicians & managers by pro-actively balancing
short-term capacity and demand.

  • Intuitive dashboard controls
  • Advanced statistical algorithms
  • Accurately predicts clinic, theatre and bed requirements
  • Complex analysis of options in seconds
  • Weekly and monthly reporting
  • Predicts up to 13 weeks ahead
  • Uses Checklist’s ‘Shape’ technology to maximise patient flows
  • Predicts future Referral to Treatment targets delivery and any breaches
  • Simulates future performance for options appraisal
  • Weekly recommendation for patient scheduling
  • Uses existing data
  • Predicts likely waiting list penalties


  • Easy to understand
  • Avoids waiting list penalties
  • Maintains patient safety
  • Less stress & more control
  • Pays for itself with a few months
  • Minimises cancellations