Checklist consultancy

 In July 2014 a West Midlands acute trust and its commissioners needed to bid for resilience funding in a hurry. We received the data on Thursday. They received our report the following Tuesday. They got the funding.

We can do this because we have experience, expertise and sophisticated software. It’s a combination that enables us to work quickly to a high standard. It also means we can take on a wide variety of planning tasks from annual demand and capacity planning, to bed planning, to waiting list planning, to reviewing list management, to analysis for setting policy and targets, and to completing transformation and re-configuration projects.

When Barts Health NHS Trust – the largest hospital group in the UK – set us the deceptively simple question: “How many beds do we need?”, the presentation of our report was stopped by a senior clinician. No one knew why. Then he said: “I would just like to say that I am absolutely delighted that the Trust is using Checklist Bed Manager. This is exactly the right approach.”