Highest national waiting list for 6 years

According to the latest data there are 3.2 million patients on waiting lists. This figure includes an estimated 160,000 patients from 5 Trusts who did not report their waiting list figures.

The median wait for patients on the Admitted Referral to Treat Pathway has increased 9% since April 14, to 9.4 weeks. The government, aware of this trend, are pumping £250 million pounds into reducing waiting lists over the summer, aimed primarily at long waiters.

Simon Stevens, NHS England Chief Executive, said: “The NHS has made huge progress over the past decade in slashing long waits, so the median wait for patients having an operation is now under 10 weeks. To lock-in that achievement – and go further in eliminating the longest waits – CCGs are now using earmarked extra funding to commission more elective surgery. As a result they  expect their local hospitals to use the summer and early autumn to ensure they can then meet the performance standards which NHS patients are entitled to.”


But some Trusts have concerns as to how this focus on long-waiters will affect their ability to meet their targets later in the year.  If your Trust is looking at how this extra activity will affect you contact Anthony Thompson at Checklist on 07971 191636 or anthony@checklist.co.uk.