Managing panic spending

How often do service managers have to go to the Director of Finance cap-in-hand? Patients are backing up and more theatre sessions are needed immediately or waiting time targets will be breached. There is no choice but to fund extra sessions. But how many? And when? The default answer tends to be the most expensive one and regularly leads to over compensation and unnecessary spend.

Most organisations could save over half of their unplanned spend, which regularly runs into millions, by better management of patient flows and predicting problems early.

Checklist Libra is used by Hospitals to predict periods of under- and over-capacity, which occur at different times of the year.  By using complex statistical and rule-based calculations it is possible to schedule patient activity to maximise the use of available resources. Also, when extra capacity is required urgently, Libra will tell you precisely how much you need. So you only spend what is necessary.

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