Planning to avoid waiting list breaches

Many Trusts aim to fix waiting list breaches just before they happen. A high risk, high cost approach. Others use products such as Checklist Libra to spot and fix problems up to 3 months ahead. The ideal solution to waiting list breaches is to use the planning process to avoid the possibility of them happening in the first place. This removes risk, stress and unnecessary emergency expenditure.

Most of the world’s airlines make plans at least a year in advance that allow them to balance capacity and demand accurately.  In this way they make sure that the right planes are in the right place at the right time.  Forward thinking hospitals will follow the same strategy and plan to ensure that the right theatre sessions, clinics and beds will be available to meet the peaks and troughs of future demand.

The software which achieves this can be complex and specialist, but Checklist makes sure the end results are intuitive and easy to understand.  This makes it easier for managers to make budget decisions and see the real consequences of those decisions.  In this way science is used alongside experience to validate investments.

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