’At a Trust level this first use of Checklist has performed well – especially on the admitted patient side.  Waiting time targets have been reached with activity levels and overall list size within 1% of model predictions.’

Southampton University Hospitals, Planning Manager

‘An integral part of a unified HD approach to modelling waiting times
and costs.’

Scottish Executive, Head of Statistics

 ’Prue, You are becoming a legend, The Minister now wants a presentation on Checklist and is talking of the possibility of you speaking to the media on your next trip to Adelaide.’

Department of Health, South Australia

 ’As part of our contract with The Checklist Partnership we have been impressed by the level of support and commitment shown by yourself and your colleagues in enabling us to meet our strict deadlines. In particular I refer to your efforts to provide the relevant outpatient data in such a short turnaround time, especially considering that you were travelling to London at the time, On behalf of this organisation I would like to thank you for your continued efforts in providing the level of specialist support.’

East Wakefield commissioner, Chief Executive

‘ You’ll be pleased to know that we were all able to hit the various deadlines for activity and HRG costed models. Mind you, we did cheat just a bit by creating averaged HRG prices and applying them to specialties. Once again I would like to thank you and your colleagues for all your help in getting us there.’

North Kirklees commissioner, Portfolio Manager – Contracts

‘Checklist will be able to bring some clarity to their capacity planning and is flexible enough to bring these other reports into the analysis if required.  J…… G…….. has spent weeks pulling together a spread sheet that doesn’t come close to Checklist.’

Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust

 ’They like to build everything in-house here but it’s so painful so see these cumbersome spreadsheets being built for planning I thought it might be useful for them to see Checklist.’

University College London Hospital

‘I hope we get it, I don’t want to start messing about with some cheap spreadsheet solution. We have done that before and it was a nightmare.’

Bolton commissioner

‘Excellent feedback from the commissioners re the CKL modelling for this this year and it has led to contracts being signed off with the Trust (MYHT) in record time! S—- very pleased with this year’s smooth running of the process.’

Commissioner - Wakefield

‘I’ve looked over the bed plans we produced last year and they are spot on what we required.  Can we do the same again this year please?’

George Eliot Hospital